What is FRenca?
We had an idea to create our own social networking platform. No censorship (however, we do not accept incitement to violence, posts about sex, weapons, drugs, racism - we want to be better than others), no involvement of real names and images to show your face expression, no rules against any simple rights of communication, 100% confidentiality. We are tired of being exploited by the "big social platforms". Who knows exactly how many people have been stolen (and still are) from their private data ... Who knows how all the "big social platforms" used YOUR private data and "provided" it to other "organizations"! And still do. Needless to say about the scandal of 50 million accounts (even if it involved an external application)! And this is the case when they were caught! Well, we don't care about statistical analysis, gender, age, name, geographical and geopolitical data, personal and sensitive information, preferences! The entire platform concept was developed for people who care about their privacy, communicating with each other, but keeping their private data secure. Simple, elegant, efficient. The only social network for people, not for profit.

Where does it come from?
The whole platform was made from scratch! From nothing. We did a HUGE brainstorming adding almost all the features needed to make it unique! And better than others (however, you will decide if we are right or not). Hundreds of extraordinary hours of work done by a very small and dedicated group to lift it from nothing.

Why use it?
Unlike all other "social platforms", we care ONLY about 2 things: 1. YOU and 2. YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY and the right to communicate. The right way. Nothing is perfect in this world and this platform will not be the exception. Maybe it will have drawbacks, maybe for some of you it may not be what you are looking for. But it certainly has almost all the features you might need. It is not designed for "games" or to be a "money magnet". However, we have a commercial package for marketing purposes. You'll never see inline ads, pop-ups, annoying ads, or anything else that could disrupt your FRenca experience, other than promoted posts (those paid to be visible on the front page). As simple as that. 

How does it work?
There are many variations on this platform. From registering an account to your own administration page.

ø Desktop browser, mobile browser and mobile applications (Android and iOS).
If you want Android and iOS versions, follow the installation instructions below:
Open https://frenca.com/ on the desired device (any iOS or Android) browser. You will be asked to add the application to the home screen. Click OK and continue with the installation. That is all. We do not use native applications, neither Android, nor iOS! Simply because the FRenca app DOES NOT REQUEST operating permits! Your device will never grant permissions to our application other than accessing your files (images, audio and video) for the purpose of uploading. And the microphone to take audio notes, used in private messaging.

ø Post almost anything and share anywhere. We will not apply censorship other than as described in our Terms and Conditions.

ø View your post in one view as well.

ø We also use categories for a better image. By adding your post, you can also choose the category. Example: If you write about modeling, your post will be classified as "fashion and lifestyle". If you write about your car, it will be added to "auto moto". However: the post you add to "Groups" will not be visible on the outside; which means that this post will only belong to that group.

ø You have subscribers: you can follow and be followed; but in order to connect through our unique private messaging system, you need to follow your subscriber. Meaning that in this case, the established connection must be in both directions.

ø We do not want to use real names with FRenca, but “pseudonyms” (or “usernames”). We suggest you register with pseudonyms! You can attach your name (if you wish) to your username once you have registered. By registering an account with FRenca, you will be given a "username". You need to give your username to your friends in the classic way (in person, via text message or any other way of communicating). No one will know that you are behind the chosen "pseudonym", unless you do this, known, by sharing.

ø Create your own #hashtag.

ø Don't like a post? Or is it inappropriate? Report it! Once reported, it will become disabled! As easy as it is simple. Warning: if your reason makes no sense to report that specific post, we'll bring it back to life! Do not use this unless you are 100% sure!

ø Search function: posts, #hashtags, users, comments. However, for users you have to be very specific!

ø Limitations: maximum 10 images per post (maximum 20Mb per file). One video file per post, maximum 150Mb.

ø Use a built-in iFrame when sharing your post on another platform.

ø Add a voice memo to private messaging.

ø Add your own slogan (motto) and your own daily mood!

ø Upload audio files, pictures, videos. However, make sure you have license rights by doing so! Sharing them on other platforms is ok.

ø Also choose to invite your friends to FRenca. By e-mail (to protect us from SPAM, you cannot use the e-mail function more than 10 times, eg 10 e-mail addresses), by using a link or by simply sending the link to other platforms.

ø Do you want to create your own group? Public or private? No problem. You can if you want.

ø Feed updates - from your subscribers or the people you follow, if you have previously established that connection.

ø You may want to see image file filters, audio / video files, or even all of them. With us you can.

ø And much more ... just join us and discover them.

What available features do I have?
#Tags - Hashtags
ø Private or public posts.
ø Private or public GROUPS! Even closed!
ø Categories.
ø Own management dashboard.
ø Your page.
ø You will not be displayed ONLINE! I mean no one will know if you are online at any time! But here we have included: if you establish a connection with your follower and send a message and he / she will see it immediately, he / she will know that you are online at that specific moment. The message function works in real time and you will notice any changes on the "message icon" header.
ø Pursuit - however, in order to use it properly, both paths must be followed (you follow someone, but the other must follow you in turn).
ø Deactivate "my account" - if you no longer want to be part of our community. Similar to deletion - we keep it off in case you decide to come back.
ø Private messaging - only works if you decide to follow your subscriber, so both paths must be completed - no one can send you a message if the above are not met. This is a unique feature! You won't find it on any other platform!
ø Search - results in highlighted colors!
ø Online preview - the latest additions, preview posts.
ø Share with other users.
ø View your posts in a single view.
ø Add a voice memo to private messaging.
ø Add images, audio and video files (however, with restrictions on file number, extension and size).
And much more ... Join us and find out.

Where can we contact you?
Use the Contact Form.

Our partners.

What if I found a defect?
Use our special Bug Tracker form.